DAEMON Tools Lite

DAEMON Tools Lite

DAEMON Tools Lite is a small-sized and popular product that offers easy tools for making simple disc image files and emulating virtual CD/DVD drives. This superb application is a perfect solution for average user because of its functionality and freeware basis.

DAEMON Tools Lite key features:

  • Image files creation. Create .iso, *.mds, *.mdf and *.mdx images from CD/DVD discs.
  • Drives virtualization;
  • Wide range of supported formats; 
  • Virtual drives adjusting. Set DVD regions, change drive letters etc;
  • High security. Secure your file images with passwords.
DAEMON Tools Lite installs virtual drives that are distinguished by an OS as the real devices. The application can work with any types of disc images (Playstation, X-Box, Gamecube etc.).  DAEMON Tools Lite has special modes for work with CD/DVD discs with advanced protection (SafeDisc (C-Dilla), SecuROM и Laserlock, CDCOPS, StarForce и Protect CD), which are often used on discs with games. This ultrafunctional app supports synchronous activity of 4 virtual drives. 

DAEMON Tools Lite interface will please the most captious skeptic and integration in Windows interface will help to have its functionality always at hand. Daemon Tools is an elegant and fast way to avoid the necessity of using original disks every time.

Download DAEMON Tools Lite free of charge and enjoy!

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Aaron Green, 18.03.2017
you are the best. thank you

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